Teach your dog some super cool tricks at Trick Dog Club


Held during school holidays – KIDS WELCOME


New Dates Coming Soon

Cost £25
(refreshmenrts included)

These fun sessions are held during the school holidays.  Its a great fun session which kids are welcome to attend (parents must be present – sorry!)

Tricks are categorised into green, amber and red levels and depending upon the age and skill level of you and your dog, you will learn how to get your dog to perform some of these cool tricks…

dog bowing.jpg

Green Tricks (least difficult)

  • Spin

  • Bow

  • Peekaboo

  • Paw / High 5

  • Crawl

dog dancing.jpg

Amber Tricks
(moderately difficult)

  • Rollover

  • Jump through a hoop

  • Hide your face

  • Dance

  • Leg Weaving

  • Catch

dog holding keys.jpg

Red Tricks (Most Difficult)

  • Fetch

  • Ring the bell

  • Walk Backwards

  • Rewind

  • Play dead

  • Find the keys