Group Training Walks

A group training walk is exactly what it says on the tin - A group of people (max 6 dogs) training their dogs whilst on a walk.

I meet with you at Southampton Common where there are all sorts of distractions both natural in the way of scent, wildlife and other dogs and man made distractions in the way of cyclists, children playing, cars and traffic etc. We will use whatever is going on around us as training opportunities and natural rewards. You can expect to do some of the following:

dog in leaves.jpg
  • Loose lead walking weaving in and out of trees

  • Training your dog to sit and/or wait at a curb

  • Use obstacles like fallen trees or branches to walk along or jump over

  • Play find it games in piles of leaves or long grassy areas

  • Playing focus games

  • Recall on a long line with natural distractions around you

  • Meet and greet other (friendly) dogs

  • Reinforcing the release cue and learning its value in high distracting environments

  • Impulse control around strangers and other dogs

  • Learning how to use rewards other than food when out on a walk

  • Finding out what motivates your dog when away from home or the training field

  • Have fun and enjoy hanging out with your dog!

Group walks are a great way to move your training on, learn to read your dog and assess how they are feeling in certain situations and then knowing what to do if they become anxious, over excited or afraid. You will learn how to use your natural environment to motivate and interact with your dog in addition to keeping them safe and focused.

Walks are approx 1 hour long. We will meet at The Cowherds Pub carpark on the Common and then return there at the end of the walk.

Dogs will remain on a lead or long line at all times during the walk.

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Puppy Enrichment Walks

puppy nature.jpg

Puppy training walks are also carried out in groups (max 6 puppies). Puppies MUST be FULLY vaccinated and have been given the all clear for walks by your vet. Suitable for puppies up to 1 year of age.

Puppy training walks will focus on exposing the pups to many different sights, sounds, textures and smells. You will receive an exposure sheet which gives you ideas and ways to expose and socialise your puppy and you can tick them off as you see or explore each one. You can expect to:

  • Walk with your puppy on many different surfaces i.e grass, tarmac, gravel, dirt etc

  • Meet new people: men, women, children, people in wheelchairs or children in pushchairs, people in hi vis, holding umbrellas, wearing hats etc

  • See and hear children laughing, crying, playing, running, walking, cycling

This is a great way of socialising your puppy and taking advantage of the socialisation window and learning how to manage the unexpected in the real world. The focus of these walks is exposure to the outside world and having positive experiences along the way. We will also practice some recall exercises and basic training exercises but the emphasis is very much on puppies having fun and enjoying discovering what the world has to offer. As with the Training Walk, we will meet at the Cowherds Pub carpark on Southampton Common. Each walk will last approximately 1 hour.

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