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For puppies aged 6 months and under

Tea, coffee and biscuits available!

Alternate Wednesdays

11:00 – 12:00

£5 per dog


Training Field in Awbridge

One of the most important periods in a puppies life is the first 16 weeks of age.  It is vital that the puppy has good positive experiences during this time.  Puppies are very accepting at this age and this is the optimum socialisation period.

There is a lot of information out there about the importance of socialising puppies versus keeping them indoors prior to the completion of the vaccination programme.  I have spoken to many vets and trainers regarding this issue and have met many under socialised dogs that have later encountered serious behaviour problems.

Puppies that are raised by a vaccinated bitch (not hand raised by humans) are most likely to have immunity from the mum until approx 8 weeks of age.  It is usually at this point they have their first vaccination which boosts the immunity and then a second vaccination at 10 – 12 weeks covers them for at least a year.  Some vets offer first vaccination at 6 weeks and second at 8-10 weeks which enables the puppy to get out and about much sooner.  Speak to your vet about the vaccination programme they follow.

All puppies must have had 1st vaccination in order to be able to attend puppy socialisation. Please bring proof of vaccination with you.


Not just for puppies – General Socialisation Sessions

First Saturday of the Month

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12:30 - 1:30

£5 per dog

Training Field in Awbridge


This socialisation session is open to dogs over the age of 6 months and any size or breed….however…. it is not a suitable environment for known reactive dogs to “get used to” other dogs!  if you know your dog gets anxious around other dogs or humans please do not bring them along to these sessions.  Contact me to discuss controlled socialisation sessions.

Although this is not a formal training session, it doesn’t mean your dog is not learning!  The lessons learned from each other during play are invaluable and this is not something we as humans can simulate no matter how hard we try.

To ensure all the dogs are happy and enjoy their session, the field can be split into different play areas.

You will supervise your dog at all times and I will be on hand to help you.

You will be encouraged to interact with your dog regularly during the session and to reinforce good behaviour i.e a good recall.

This should be an enjoyable romp for your dog, not a time for fear and anxiety.  If at any point any dogs appear distressed or uncomfortable, you will be asked to remove them to a safe quiet area.

The play areas are securely fenced around the perimeter so there is no risk of dogs running away or getting lost.