New in January 2020

Rescue Dog
Training Class

dog in ballpit*.jpg

SAT 25th January 2020
1:30 – 2:30 am
LETS Go Manor
Manor Equestrian Centre
Old Salisbury Road
SO51 6ZJ

Cost - £85 for 6 week course

This course is designed for dogs of any size, age or breed and in particular dogs who have come from a rescue background. These dogs often have little or no previous training experience and some dogs who have come from another country don’t understand our english cues so need to restart training. We cover some basic commands like sit, stay, look and touch but we also work on confidence building, trying to engage play and exposure to different objects and experiences. You will learn training techniques, practice the timing of rewards and build up a toolbox of skills which you can use to help engage with your dog and build a wonderful lifelong rapport.

The training takes place outside in a large enclosed field with normal everyday distractions.

There will be a maximum of 8 dogs in the class to ensure everybody has plenty of space and to ensure all the dogs remain comfortable at all times.

Unfortunately this class is not suitable for reactive dogs or dogs that bark and lunge excessively at other dogs. If you have a reactive dog, please book a one to one session instead.