Recall Training

Recall is such a big deal and a vital component to any dogs repertoire of understanding. Usually I receive a call once it has all gone wrong but if we put the foundations in place you wont need to call me about failed recalls later down the line.

If you are serious about training a reliable recall whether for a puppy or a dog that has been chasing deer all his life, then you need to attend the foundation recall session first. It is a classroom based session for a very important reason - If I pull together a field full of dogs and start teaching you recall exercises then you will all have failed recalls simply because the environment is far too distracting. You need to learn the fundamentals behind a good recall before you start practicing it.

The key to any training is always to set you up to succeed and I am committed to ensuring you come away with an awesome recall which YOU have trained because I have given you the tools to do so.

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FOUNDATION Recall workshop

Saturday 22nd June 2019

Premier Inn
Binnacle Way
Port Solent

9:00 am - 1:00 pm

Cost £68 


This workshop is approximately 4 hours in duration and is a classroom based session which will give you the knowledge and understanding of what a recall is, where we go so wrong and what you can do to put it right. You will leave with a 4 week foundation recall programme with detailed exercises to carry out and perfect at home.  Once you have progressed to the point that you can reliably recall your dog in outside spaces then you are ready to start the basic recall practical course.

Foundation Recall WOrkshop Content

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  • Understanding what a recall is and why it is important

  • Does breed affect the recall?

  • Recall through the eyes of a dog

  • The BIGGEST factor - Distractions

  • Equipment needed for recall training

  • Choosing a cue and why this is so important

  • The Recall Bank Account

  • Rewards and how to choose the best reward for YOUR dog

  • High Prey Dogs

  • What to do when it all goes wrong

What do you get when you book this course?

  • You will attend the 4 hour workshop (with lovely tea, coffee and herbal teas served in china cups)

  • You will receive a detailed 4 week training programme to work through at home

  • You will have access to a private recall Facebook group where you can ask questions, share your experiences, celebrate your successes and analyse your less successful moments

  • You will receive 50% off the cost of hiring the enclosed DHT exercise field either for exercising your dog off lead without damaging your new recall and knowing your dog is enclosed or once you get to the basic recall stage you can practice recalls with some control over the distractions around you.

  • You will have the opportunity to purchase any equipment you are likely to need for your upcoming venture.


Practical Recall Course - Level 1

Commencing Saturday 11th May 2019 (4 consecutive weeks)

DHT Training Field

12:30 - 1:30pm

Cost £60

Once you have attended the foundation recall workshop and you have started practicing some recalls outside you are ready for the Practical Course - Well Done! Its important to understand that there is no time limit that will dictate when you are ready for this. It greatly depends on how much time and training you invest in your dog. Some will be ready much sooner than others but its not a competition so only book onto this course if you are really ready to start recalling outside.

This is a 4 week course where we meet at the training field (with dogs) and begin some recall exercises in the real world with all the normal distractions of scent, natural wildlife and other dogs. I will show you games to play and exercises to practice with your dog that will reinforce the recall and build upon the foundations you have already put in place. We will look at the rewards you are using and perhaps add the reward of “play” with other dogs so that we can start recalling the dogs from fun experiences to reward them with more fun!

I will ensure that you are only recalling within your remit so as not to undo any of the hard work you have done. When you are ready, We will gradually add our own distractions to further improve and build the recall.

Practical Recall Course Level 2

Commencing Saturday 15th June 2019 (4 consecutive weeks)

Week 1 will be at
DHT Training Field

12:30 - 1:30pm

Cost £60

You will be booking this course if you are ready to start recalling outside the safety of the training field. You can still use a long line for safety, but we will be venturing out to various locations where we have no control over the distractions we are going to encounter. Your recall will be pretty awesome by now so no need to be afraid! We will continue to play and interact with the dogs to keep their focus and desire to want to be with us, but the environment will be much more challenging. You will learn how to further read your dog and ensure you always set them up to succeed. You will be practicing using different schedules of reinforcement and problem solving any difficult situations.

Locations for walks will be but not limited to:

  • Southampton Common

  • Canada Common

  • Farley Mount

  • Longdown Forest Enclosure

  • (Suggestions Welcome)

You will continue to receive access to the recall Facebook group and the discounted field hire when you book one of the practical recall courses.