Recall Training

Recall is such a big deal and a vital component to any dogs repertoire of understanding. There are no quick fixes or shortcuts to training a reliable recall. You will require oodles of time, patience and consistency and ultimately you will be rewarded with an obedient dog who comes when called regardless of what is going on around them.

If you are serious about training a reliable recall whether for a puppy or a dog that has been chasing deer all his life, then the recall training package is your best chance of success in this area.

Comprehensive recall Training package

  • Initial 1.5 hour Consultation

  • 4 week Foundation Recall Programme

  • Telephone consultation after 2 weeks

  • 2 x One to one practical training sessions


Initial COnsultation

We get together and sit down with a coffee to discuss whats been happening and the challenges you have been facing with regard to recall. This first session will last approx 1.5 hours. I will leave you with a 4 week foundation recall training programme with detailed exercises to carry out and perfect at home.  

What will you learn in this session?

boots recall.JPG
  • Understanding what a recall is and why it is importantDoes breed affect the recall?

  • Recall through the eyes of a dog

  • The BIGGEST factor - Distractions

  • Equipment needed for recall training

  • Choosing a cue and why this is so important

  • The Recall Bank Account

  • Rewards and how to choose the best reward for YOUR dog

  • What to do when it all goes wrong

4 Week Foundation Training Programme

On completion of the initial consultation you will receive a 4 week training programme to work through at home. This is the first step to conditioning a brand new recall and the most important step of this journey. The programme has detailed exercises for you to carry out at home explaining what to do and why, it will guide you to know when you are ready to move on and what to do if its not going quite to plan.

Telephone Consultation

After approximately 2 weeks (or whenever you feel ready) you will receive a telephone consultation to assess how you are getting on. Any problems can be ironed out and any questions you may have can be answered. Its important that you get this first bit right so its really just me checking you are on the right track and still making progress.

Practical Training

Once you have worked through the 4 week programme at home and you have started practicing some recalls outside you are ready for some practical training - Well Done! Its important to understand that there is no time limit that will dictate when you are ready for this. It greatly depends on how much time and training you invest in your dog. Some will be ready much sooner than others.

On the first practical session we will meet up at the DHT training field where we can control the environment to an extent. We will begin some recall exercises in the real world with all the normal distractions of scent and natural wildlife. I will show you games to play and exercises to practice with your dog that will reinforce the recall and build upon the foundations you have already put in place. We will look at the rewards you are using and I will show you some other ways to reward your dog without using food.

I will ensure that you are only recalling within your remit so as not to undo any of the hard work you have done. When you are ready, We will gradually add our own distractions to further improve and build the recall.

When you are ready to start recalling outside the safety of the training field we will meet once again. You can still use a long line for safety, but we will be venturing out to a location where we have no control over the distractions we are going to encounter. Your recall will be pretty awesome by now so no need to be afraid! We will continue to play and interact with the dog to keep their focus and desire to want to be with us, but the environment will be much more challenging. You will learn how to further read your dog and ensure you always set them up to succeed. You will be practicing using different schedules of reinforcement and problem solving any difficult situations.

Locations for walks will likely be but not limited to:

  • Southampton Common

  • Canada Common

  • Farley Mount

  • Longdown Forest Enclosure

  • (Suggestions Welcome)

As with all training, the learning never stops but by the end of the second practical session you should be equipped enough to be able to continue with the training without me. However, Ill still be here if you need me just pick up the phone!

As this is one to one training, it is suitable for all dogs regardless or age, breed, temperament, size, colour ….. Highly reactive dogs may require additional training or behaviour modification but this will be discussed and agreed on an individual basis.


Hi Lucy
I just wanted to say a HUGE thank-you for your recall training and the follow up sessions with Bailey. The training has been amazing! I can now let her off the lead in the park or woods without worrying that she wont come back! Its made a huge difference to our lives / my bond with her . Life is so different! I now have a proper relationship with my dog where she trusts and responds to me. Its been so rewarding and worth every minute of the time and effort that we have put in (and believe me there were times along the way that she did absolutely NOT listen) but patience has been the biggest reward.

We have come accross exercise classes, joggers, groups of dogs... and now she will come back to me 90% of the time.
— Kim with Bailey