6 Week Puppy Courses


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SAT 7th September 2019
9:30 – 10:30 am
LETS Go Manor
Manor Equestrian Centre
Old Salisbury Road
SO51 6ZJ

Cost - £85 for 6 week course


Adding a puppy to your family is a huge commitment. A new puppy requires lots of time and attention especially in the early days when they are so open to learning new things. Our puppy classes are an excellent way for you to socialise your puppy and learn the basic obedience commands.

Puppy classes have a maximum of 8 so it is not too overwhelming for them. The dogs will have some supervised off lead time (if appropriate) to learn to play and socialise in addition to perform some basic commands off lead to develop focus.

Classes are held in the enclosed training field in Awbridge with natural outside scent and real life distractions.

Once registered onto the course you will have access to the DHT training classes Facebook page which offers lots of training tips, advice and useful information about training and socialising your puppy.

What we cover in the puppy training classes

* Name recognition
* Making eye contact
* Touch
* Sit / Down / stand
* Stay
* Meet and greet manners
* How to play
* Basic recall Exercises
* Preventing jumping up

You will be given a set of learning objectives before the start of the course and you will be continually assessed to ensure good progress.   You will be awarded a DHT certificate on completion of the course.