Perfect Fit Harness


The Ultimate in Dog Walking Harness

  • Modular design allows and secure and snug fit for almost any size & shape of dog
  • Easy to clip around dog’s neck and NOT put over head
  • Adjustable in up to 5 different places
  • Each piece can be replaced as or when needed
  • Front piece comes with an additional D-ring as standard
  • Safe for amputee dogs (Tripawed!)
  • Difficult for escapologist dogs to get out of
  • Calming for excitable dogs

The Perfect Fit Harness comes in three separate pieces which must be fitted to your dog to ensure the perfect fit!  I stock all sizes of the harness and many of the colours including matching leads and collars.  

If you would like to arrange a fitting please use the contact us page or call 07766836226.



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