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Christmas Time Day Care

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Day Care Terms and Conditions

We cannot accept aggressive dogs under any circumstances. Adult males must be neutered and bitches in season cannot be accepted.


In these conditions unless the context otherwise requires:
 ‘Dog Handler Training’ means any persons working under that name at their request.

 'The Owner' means the individual who has authorised Dog Handler Training to take care of their pet(s) and for whom Dog Handler Training has agreed to do so.      

 'The ‘Booking Form’ means the particulars form so headed.'The website' means Dog Handler Training website at

Conditions Applicable

These conditions shall apply to the contract between Dog Handler Training and the Owner to the exclusion of all other terms and conditions with no exception.

Charges and Payment

The charges shall be an amount set by Dog Handler Training and agreed (either verbally or in writing) by the Owner.  The total cost, and payment must be made on the day of collection unless agreed otherwise. In addition Dog Handler Training shall be entitled to charge the Owner:

·      Any special charges authorised in advance.

·      Any veterinary charges incurred by Dog Handler Training for the benefit of the Owner's pet.

·      The full replacement value of any property (whether belonging to Dog Handler Training or to any third party) damaged by  the Owner's pet including (but not limited to) damage by chewing or digging.

·      Any charges relating to the above shall be payable by the Owner on collection or return of their pet, unless otherwise    agreed by Dog Handler Training.

·      Interest on any unpaid invoices at a rate of 5% or £5 (whichever is the smaller amount) per day.

Cancellation Fees

If for whatever reason your dog is unable to attend the day care facility, no charges would be applied, provided that you notify us 24 hours in advance.

Owner's Undertaking

The Owner hereby agrees and undertakes with and warrants to Dog Handler Training with no exceptions:

·      That the Owner has full power to enter into this agreement without the consent of any third party.

·      The Owner must satisfy themselves as to the reliability and trustworthiness of Dog Handler Training and must meet them in advance.

·      We ask that the standard annual vaccinations must be kept up to date and copies of certificates produced on request.

·      That the pet is up to date with de-flea and anti-worm treatments.

·      That the pet has not at any time prior to the date hereof attacked any human being or animal.

·      That there are no material facts or circumstances, which have not been disclosed to Dog Handler Training and which, if disclosed, might reasonably be expected to affect the decision of Dog Handler Training to enter into this agreement.

·      That the information set out in the Booking Form is complete and correct in every respect.

·      That Dog Handler Training may engage the services of a veterinary surgeon of its choice and authorise such veterinary surgeon to undertake such treatment as may in the joint opinion of Dog Handler Training and the veterinary surgeon be required to treat the Owner's pet.

·      That the Owner will indemnify Dog Handler Training and its servants and agents against all costs, claims and damages arising (directly or indirectly) from any act of the Owner's pet whilst in Dog Handler Training.

·      Owners must provide all food and equipment necessary for the pets covered by the respective animal care agreement (collars, leads, tags, medication etc.).

·      All dogs must wear a collar with a disc bearing the owner’s telephone number.

Dog Handler Training Undertaking

Dog Handler Training hereby undertakes with the Owner:

·      To take reasonable care of the Owner's pet during the period of its care in Dog Handler Training premises.

·      Dog Handler Training is insured in accordance with the terms of their insurance policy.

·      Dog Handler Training will not accept any liability for loss, injury or death to the Owner's pet unless (and only to the extent that) such loss, injury or death is

recoverable under the terms of the insurance policy.

·      Dog Handler Training will not be held liable or responsible in any way for pets left at Dog Handler Training, for damage caused by pets to themselves, each other and/or any property damage caused by them or any other third party, any illness or death(s) occurring.

·      All dogs will be carefully introduced and socialised with other dogs in the facility unless previously agreed by both parties.

·      The dogs’ playtime is supervised, but at times injury will be unavoidable. Dog Handler Training will not, under any circumstances, be held liable to injury sustained by dogs from other dogs in the centre.

Owner's Failure to Collect

In the event of failure by the Owner to collect his pet from Dog Handler Training on the due date, Dog Handler Training reserves the right to terminate this agreement without notice and to rehome the Owner's pet by any reasonable means.

Security and Confidentiality

Owner’s keys, if held, will be locked away securely when not in use.

Client confidentiality will be maintained at all times, client details will be kept private and will never be used for any purpose other than caring for your pet(s).


This agreement contains a whole agreement between the parties.

It is subject to English Law and any dispute arising out of it shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.