Loose Lead Walking Course


Wednesday 9th January 2019

1:30 - 2:30 pm

Cost £60 for 4 week course

Location - Enclosed Training Field, Awbridge


It might look quite funny, watching a dog take his owner for a walk, but it really hurts your hand!  It also makes walking your dog much less enjoyable and depending upon the size and breed of dog, it can be dangerous.  It is so much more pleasurable for the dog and the handler if there is no tension on the lead and this four week course will guide you through getting it right.


Class Content:

  • Equipment needed for effective loose lead walking

  • Reasons why dogs pull on the lead

  • Kind effective training methods to achieve the desired results

  • Big strong dogs and how to manage them

  • Different rewards and how to decide which one to use

  • How to deal with dogs that dig their heels in and don’t want to go for a walk

  • How to incorporate the training into the real world


Please don’t think that attending this course will “fix” your dog. You will need to put in lots of consistent training and rewards over a period of time to get the results you require. This course is designed to help you understand what might be going wrong in your training and give you the knowledge and tools to put it right.


Size, breed and age is irrelevant

*If you have a reactive or aggressive dog, this is not the right environment for them. Please consider booking a one to one session instead.

No choke chains, prong collars or shock collars will be allowed