General Obedience classes


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11:00 - 12:00

Training Field, Awbridge

£85 for 6 week block


This is a rolling class which is payable in 6 week blocks.  The learning never ends so you can continue attending class for as long as you wish.

This is a class open to any age, size, colour or breed of dog or handler!  You need to have a basic level of training already so if your dog has no previous training at all I would recommend either the puppy or teen course to get the basics under your belt alternatively we could do a couple of one to one sessions to get you started.

Every training class that I run will have dogs at a different level of training so it really doesn't matter if you are at a different stage to some of the other dogs in the class.  It is my job to adjust the exercises to make them easier or more difficult to suit each individual dog.  You will also learn a lot from observing each other and how to adjust what you are doing in the event that you are not getting the behaviour you require or how to vamp things up if you are acing it!

We will work on things like:

  • Walking to heel on and off the lead (when ready!)

  • Recall exercises in varying situations

  • Interacting with your dog and keeping their focus to prevent unwanted behaviour

  • Using different rewards and finding what your dog likes most (not just food!)

  • Playing fun games to test your dog in exciting situations

  • Linking behaviours together

  • Perfecting the emergency stop

  • Teaching manners like sitting quietly, not jumping up, getting in and out of the car politely etc

  • You will learn different training techniques so you can apply them to training new behaviours at home

You will receive a list of learning outcomes in your pre course information pack so you will know what you will be working towards and you can measure your progress.

These classes are always fun and you will get to know the other people in the group very well and enjoy some friendly banter.  We will celebrate great success and build upon weaknesses and you will always leave the class feeling motivated and ready to go home and practice what you have learned.