Enclosed Exercise Field

 £10 per hour

I am delighted to be able to offer my training field for hire to exercise or train your dog(s). Ideal for those with inconsistent recall or dogs which cannot be allowed off lead in the company of other dogs.  

The field is split into two sections, the main training area and a small wooded area which also has a small slope which is ideal for wearing out ball chasers! There is a gate in between the two sections and you have access to both when you book the field.

There is a double gated entrance and the field has approx 5ft wire mesh fencing with angled mesh fencing around the top to prevent jumping out.  The bottom fence line is extended into the field and pegged down to prevent digging and the fencing is regularly checked to ensure it is as safe and secure as possible.

There is a tap on site and water and bowls will be available at all times

You will need to clear up after your dog and take it away with you.

If you would like to use the field for regular sessions or you are a dog walker please call to discuss your requirements.

field bottom.JPG
field woods.JPG
top of field.JPG
field fence.JPG