About Us

Mr Boots 2011 - 2018

My name is Lucy.  I grew up with dogs in the family all my life and spent hours training the family dog Meg, a border collie when I was a teenager.  I finally got my first dog; a German Shorthaired Pointer named Boots in 2011.  Boots was a high prey dog who was a very bouncy puppy and had a huge desire to hunt most things.  He was a very challenging first dog but my determination and dedication paid off and it was my success with him that inspired me to want to help others.

I trained with the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT) and became a full member of their association in 2013.  I have certificates in:

  • Canine Behaviour
  • Fear and Aggression
  • Canine Body Language
  • Practical Instructor Training

I am passionate about positive reward based training for dogs and believe in motivating YOU and giving YOU the tools to train and manage your own dog.

Dog Handler Training was set up to teach safe, kind and effective methods to train and bond with your dog to ensure a happy and healthy life long partnership.

Only positive reinforcement is used, usually in the way of food, toys and play. I break every behavior down to an achievable level and then build upon the successes and increase the difficulty until I get the desired result.

Each and every dog will learn at a different pace and so I will be constantly assessing progress and tweaking the training techniques appropriately.

I never teach you to punish your dog if he does not achieve the desired goal.  The reason the dog doesn't succeed is almost always because it hasn’t been trained or reinforced properly. If a dog makes a mistake or a bad choice all that will happen is that he wont get a reward. No shouting or scolding will be seen in my training sessions. I do not allow the use of choke collars or slip leads as these can cause discomfort to the dog. I prefer dogs to be wearing a harness for all training activities, especially puppies, to avoid any unnecessary jolts to the neck.

My classes are very informal and most importantly FUN! I wont march you around a village hall in military style. I provide natural experiences and distractions and build upon these as you progress.

I encourage regular feedback and questions and no question is ever considered silly.